Message from the President

Message from the President

President Masahiko Takaura

Masahiko Takaura

KNT-CT Global Travel was established in October 2017 to integrate the Inbound Travel departments of each company of the group and to expand business involving trips to Japan. The group has a long history of handling Japan-bound journeys dating back to 1979, when Kinki Nippon Tourist established travel centers in Tokyo and Kyoto for foreign visitors. The amount of visitors that Japan attracts now was unimaginable back then. We play a major role in the development of this inbound business throughout the entire group based on our 40 years of history and expertise.

We offer various services including group travel centering on DMC and MICE and individual travel centering on web promotion as Inbound travel professionals.

Travelers come to Japan for various purposes including participation in international conferences, sports events, corporate conventions and enjoying personal trips. However, it is our mission to convey the appeal of Japan to the world by letting people experience Japan's beautiful nature, delicious food, wonderful tradition, and modern culture.