Business Summary

Inbound tourism business centering on DMC and MICE

The travel to Japan trip is divided into two businesses. One is the Business to support customers invited from overseas as organizers of Japanese companies, government agencies and local governments, the other is the business to arrange accommodation, transportation, etc. of customers coming to Japan on request from overseas travel companies etc.
In our company, Inbound Group Sales Department provide total support through proposals for purpose-designed programs and events such as business conventions, new product presentations, incentive tours, study and research tours, international conferences and symposia, cultural and sports events and trade shows, for which we then handle operations, implementation and follow-up.

Website: DMC Japan

<Main Activities>

  1. ■ Programs and proposals of trips and events for companies and groups
  2. ■ Incentive trips for global companies
  3. ■ Operation of international conferences and acceptance of participants and important figures from around the world
  4. ■ Attracting visitors to sports events held in Japan
  5. ■ Various invitation programs held by the national and local governments
  6. ■ Acceptance of foreign students and interns, and various invitation programs

DMC Japan


Promotion and Sales of Visit Japan Tour Products

YOKOSO Japan Tour & Hotel is a website offering foreign tourists tours across Japan. These include bus tours shared with Japanese tourists, Min.2! tour packages guaranteed to operate from just two participants and private charter plans. In addition, an accommodation booking service is provided in multiple languages offering an expanding range of contracted hotels and ryokans (traditional Japanese inns) all over Japan. International Sales Department office handles sales and promotional activities in collaboration with companies in the Kinki Nippon Tourist Group, networks based overseas, and Club Tourism.

Website: YOKOSO Japan Tour & Hotel

A website for foreign visitors filled with tour plans all across Japan available in addition to three languages (English, Chinese [Simplified, Traditional]), the tour page is expanded by adding Thai and the hotel page by adding Korean.

<Main Activities>

  1. ■ Tours “Yokoso Japan Tour”
    Introducing about 700 to 800 popular tours (1,500 courses a year, mainly bus tours)
  2. ■ Japan Traveler Online (JTO), Hotels and Ryokans
    Approximately 2,700 facilities throughout Japan with over 15,000 plans to choose from. Options range from luxury hotels to traditional style ryokans.
  3. ■ MIN.2! & Private Charter plans
    Introducing affordable set tour plans that include lodging and dining as well as charter plans for families and small groups guaranteed to run from two participants.



Management of Group Travel in Japan

In our company, Japanese companies, government offices and local governments etc. will be sponsors to support customers invited from overseas, including visiting Japan MICE business, as well as sightseeing of customers visiting Japan upon request from overseas travel companies etc. We are engaged in business specializing in visiting groups such as DMC business that undertakes travel / invited travel and event management.
As an inbound travel specialist, we provide total support until the follow up for various projects and events such as corporate conventions, new product launches, invitation tours, inspection tours and training trips, international conferences and symposium, cultural and sporting events, fairs etc.

Services for Railway Passes

We handle “the Japan Rail Pass (JRP)” “Kintetsu Rail Pass (KRP)” and other rail passes.