Think Globally,
Act Globally

Corporate Philosophy

  • Mission

    ミッション イメージミッション

    Highlight Japan's attractiveness to the world while contributing to the international exchange of cultures.

  • Vision

    ビジョン イメージビジョン

    Provide value-added services to our customers

  • Value

    バリュー イメージバリュー

    Think Globally, Act Globally

KNT-CT Global Travel started business as an inbound travel agency under the KNT-CT Holdings Group in October 2017.
The Japanese government's goal of attracting 40 million travelers boosts the nation's inbound tourism industry growth potential as the environment surrounding the business changes and expands significantly in both quality and quantity. We also consider international sports events taking place in Japan to be great opportunities to showcase the nation's attractiveness to the world. Responding to a market that has been moving toward the next phase, we fully utilize the resources that each Group company commands to contribute to the strength of KNT-CT Global Travel and the further development of the Group's inbound tourism business.